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You don’t get to sit this one out. The world can’t afford to indulge your indecision.

Promo pics for SE403, Wingman

Fusco gets a dating coach and gets some game

(from SpoilerTV)


John Reese/Jim Caviezel - Sameen Shaw/Sarah Shahi Appreciation Post - My Gifs.

From Person Of Interest Panopticon [4.01].

"What brings you here today, Ms. Groves?"
"Your former associates, the mayhem twins.
They're back to trying to save people."

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Badasses ~~ Big Trucks

Reese & Scarface ~~ Brotherhood

Love the nod

Undercover Narcotics Detective ~~ Jeans, Hoodie & Boots

It wasn’t my weapon.

Spoiler, SE401

Mayhem Murder Twins are back in business

They can’t help it, they were going through kick-ass withdrawals

Spoiler, SE401